A sample cheap placemaking idea for 2020

A sample idea from our new Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas video with Becky McCray and Deb Brown.

Make sheet murals.

Get cheap torn or stained sheets from the thrift shops, paint right on them, or sew them up into something decorative. Hang it up downtown, maybe inside the windows of a building, outside hung over a railing, or use magnets to stick it to anything with metal siding.

2020 took a toll on downtowns.

To recover, we’re going to need some ideas to improve our downtowns, but on really small budgets. Make your downtown a more vibrant place with more than 30 ideas you can do, each costing $100 or less. Deb and Becky show you how to rebuild your downtown without spending a fortune in this new video. View more sample ideas from this video in our store: Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas