10 Ways to work with us

Some are free, some are not, but all are valuable!

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Each week, we write and send a personal email to you and 4,000 rural friends like you. We write about how to make your town a special kind of place. Many of our best ideas make their first appearance in the newsletters. Sign up right here for free.


2 – Bring us in for a keynote, workshop or speech.

Your event deserves real rural speakers who will fit right in with your people and still bring practical steps that work for small towns. We don’t just talk about rural issues; we live them. We’ve spoken at hundreds of events from the local to the international. See Becky’s speaking details here and Deb’s speaking details here.


3 – Make the most of our visit with an Embedded Community Experience.

More than just showing up to speak, we want to get to know your town. Deb’s our expert on this. She’ll come to town, spend several days with you, point out potential and help you see the specific steps you can take to make meaningful change. It’s not about gathering ideas or building consensus. It’s about unleashing people to take action. Spoiler alert: we end up falling in love with every town we experience this way. Learn more about Deb’s Embedded Community Experience. Becky does quicker, one-day visits for towns. Learn about Becky’s rural visits and support here

4 – Join us for the video of the month.

Once a month, we share a video on a topic you’ve told us matters to you. Rather than boring slides, you see our faces. We keep it lively and interesting. We give you two weeks to watch. To get even more from it, bring a group of your local folks together and hold a watch party. Check out this month’s video here.

5 – Find just the right topic in our video archives.

When you become a Megaphone Member, you get access to the entire archive of our videos. Want to bring more life to your downtown after 5? Spur entrepreneurship with the Innovative Rural Business Models? Deal with the Committee of Negativity? We’ve got you covered, and more. Grab your Megaphone Membership here.

People touring an empty building

6 – Go more in-depth with our toolkits.

Have a lot of empty buildings you need to fill? Try a Tour of Empty Buildings. It’s a great way to get those buildings cleaned up and get the whole town talking about possibilities. Need more activity downtown? Hold a Pop-up Fair. Your sidewalks look better when they’re crowded with mini-businesses and happy shoppers.

7 – Get all the toolkits plus all the videos.

Our Insider members get insider access to us, all our toolkits and unlimited access to our video archives. Join the Insiders here.

8 – Rev up your Shop Local campaign with our guide.

Just shouting “shop local!” won’t change anything. You’ll get smarter about improving local businesses and building a better campaign with the only guide targeted specifically to small town business realities. Look over the shop local guide here.

Deb Brown helping out in Eloy, Arizona

9 – Get personal help with online and phone support.

Your situation is different from anyone else’s. We know that our online videos, toolkits and guides can only take you so far. Get your specific questions answered with us in a video call or phone call. You can buy as little as an hour for a targeted session or set up ongoing coaching. Get in contact to let us know what you need here.

10 – Search over 10 years of past articles for free.

We’ve been at this a long time, so we have a large archive of stories, photos, videos, podcasts and blog posts available for you to search through. Read Deb’s newest stuff at Building Possibility. For articles going back to 2006, read Becky’s rural small business stories at Small Biz Survival

BONUS: Add our voice to your story with interviews and guest posts.

We love to talk and write about small towns, and it shows. We bring passion to features on rural, business and community subjects. We’ve been featured on radio, on TV, in magazines and newspapers, books from respected traditional presses and upstart non-traditional publishers, academic research and university publications. If you’re working on a story or publication that could use an authentic rural voice or two, we’d love to hear from you. Get in contact to let us know what you need here