How small towns can recover from the coronavirus recession

August 2020: It’s official. The United States is in recession. In other countries, recovery is just starting or maybe business is still on hold. For small towns worldwide looking to recover and rebuild their local economy, this is going to take some time.

So we’re giving you more time with our three recovery videos:

  • Restarting Local Shopping
  • Rebuilding Your Local Economy
  • Refilling Your Business Pipeline

Yours to keep. No time limits.

These are some of our most popular videos, and for good reason. We’ve put our best responses to this crisis into these three 30-minute videos. These are not boring webinars. They are short, to the point and idea-packed.

Restarting Local Shopping

Get practical answers to these new challenges:

  • How do we get people to come back into local stores?
  • How can we help our local businesses survive the reopening process, when we aren’t even sure what it will look like locally?
  • How can we rally the community when our normal “shop local” messages feel out of touch?
  • How can we nudge customers to cut back on online purchases?

Rebuilding Your Local Economy

You’ll learn how being Idea Friendly makes your local economy more resilient

  • How you can support lots of people participating in business, not just a fortunate few
  • How you can grow an interconnected ecosystem, better able to resist shocks
  • How you can shift to supporting lots of small tests, rather than making a few big bets

Refilling Your Business Pipeline

You’ll learn how to cut time and money off the process of getting into business.

  • How tiny businesses help manage the risk of failure
  • How temporary businesses provide reliable market research
  • How putting businesses together increases entrepreneurs’ skills, happiness and success

A first for us: no time limit

We’ve always put a time limit on videos. We know that if there’s no time limit, you may never get around to watching. We all have a stack of books we want to read, or PDFs we keep meaning to open, or videos we’ve bookmarked but never watched.

By putting a price on it and setting a time limit, human nature helps nudge you to do the most important thing: implement. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 put every country, every province or state on a different timeline. So we decided to put all three videos together and take off the time limits. And we decided not to charge extra, as long as you are a SaveYour.Town member in August 2020.

You can watch these three videos on your schedule: anytime, on demand with no time limit. You can pause, stop, rewind or watch again immediately. And no matter how long this crisis lasts in your area, you can keep these videos to help your town recover.

Get these 3 videos at no extra cost for members only during August.

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