I don’t have time!

Deb BrownBy Deb Brown

It’s frustrating, none of us have enough time.

Earlier this month I received this letter:

If you really want to know what I’ve been working on, I’ve been trying to tread water here. I came into this job ten weeks ago after the last director left in the middle of the night leaving stacks and stacks of backlogs. I’ve been trying to streamline, simplify and reconfigure this job while doing the day-to-day work that walks in the door or comes across my desk. I love your emails and resources but, frankly, haven’t had time yet to implement any of what I’ve seen.

I get it. We are all in the business of saving our communities, making them better and correcting problems that were left in our laps. You start at oh-God-thirty am with the emails, Facebook posts, catching up on last minute things from the day before and end the day with a list of things to do tomorrow. Who has time to implement the things we at SaveYour.Town talk about?

Here’s what I know for sure. Even if you don’t take any small steps, even if you are buried with paperwork and don’t know which way is up, you need to be around people who are positive. You need to hear what people who are making positive changes are doing. We share those stories with you every month on our videos, and every week in our newsletters.

It is about hearing the ideas, but more importantly it is about surrounding yourself with those who are speaking your kind of language. It’s about listening to those who are doing it and learning their stories.

It’s about shaping your mindset and behaviors. 

You want to hear from people who raise your motivation and increase your desire. Listen to the language of positive people so you can maintain your energy. As you listen you are developing the mindset that works. You learn to deal with the committee of negativity when you listen to us. You will develop the muscles to talk to your people about gathering your crowd, building connections and taking small steps. You’ll become stronger, and have more language to share with your community. You’ll remember the stories of other towns that are ‘doing it’.

We are your biggest cheerleaders, and we’re not going to stop. We know you’re busy. We also know on some days we are your only source of positive energy. We believe in you, and we will continue to encourage you to build your muscles to get stronger.

Take that first small step. Ask someone to help you. (Send me an email and ask me a question.) You are a champion for your community, and they count on you.

And thank you for listening, for doing what you do, and leading the way.

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