Webinar – Downtown After 5

Bringing Life to your Downtown After Hours – The topic you requested most!

Your businesses struggle with this

“Tried being open later hours without success”
was the #1 small business challenge on
our Survey of Rural Challenges 2015 and 2017

Your dream is a downtown that’s like a block party all evening. People walking around, enjoying themselves and meeting neighbors, plenty of stores open to shop, activities for kids, maybe a concert, and how about an ice cream place? Yeah!

But when you try to schedule things downtown after 5, your local stores say: “We’ll stay open later when enough people come downtown to make it worth our time.”

Then local customers say: “We’ll come downtown later when enough stores stay open late to make it worth our time.”

You’re trapped in the middle, but we’re here. We’ll bring solutions to get people downtown, get them spending, and keep those businesses open later.

70% of all consumer retail spending takes place after 6:00 pm

We know that people’s working and shopping lives are different these days, and change, for most, is hard. We’ll share the research that shows what time most people shop now, and how to best target shoppers at different times of the day. 

How do you get people downtown?

It’s not with sales, for too many deep discounted sales will put the business owner out of business! We’ll share with you ways to bring the buyer, the visitor, and the local downtown.

Why won’t businesses stay open late??

Business owners struggle with this. In our survey of rural challenges last year, “Adapting to being open later hours” was small-town business owners’ most-selected challenge. We’ll show you have to have those conversations share ideas that work.

Why won’t they spend when they get downtown?

Being open evening hours is not just extending your hours. It is more like opening a whole different store with different customers. Integration is a such a key word here – and there are methods that can be used to loosen the pocketbooks, make sales and also have a fun time.   We’ll be sharing event ideas and examples from real small towns.  You’ve shared your stories with us, and we’ve visited many many towns that are ‘working late’ and having fun too.  We’ll answer questions and also take notes.

This is the webinar you requested, the one you most want to happen.

Your downtown businesses won’t want to miss this one. We’re bringing research and real-world examples of what really works to improve sales after 5pm.

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