Watch parties for all!

Cori sent us this email:
Hi! I enjoy your emails so much and the opportunity for conversations. I see you have videos to purchase. If our small chamber was wanting to start a monthly meet with our members would these videos be something we could share with members for an informative meeting or are these more geared just for us to gather info from and get ideas from? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!!

I answered:

We definitely want you to share the videos with your members! They are less than 30 minutes long so you can watch them over a lunch hour and have time to talk about it as well. 

There’s a page that shares how to host a Watch Party:

Become a member and you have access to all of the videos all the time (as long as you are a member.)

Mila Besich, the mayor of Superior, AZ sent us this picture of their watch party.

Watch parties are a great way to bring us right into your gathering place! You can pause the video whenever you want, and discuss it with the people there. You can have a 2 person watch party over a cup of coffee in your local coffee shop. These videos are designed to be easy for you to use and share.  

Feel free to ask us questions and we will share the answers if it’s applicable to the rest of our readers! Just email