Videos to help you save your small town in 2019

A new video each month in 2019
Available from the 1st to the 15th
On rural topics you asked for

A SaveYour.Town webinar watch party in Greely County, Kansas. Photo by Simone Marie


Have you had trouble catching our SaveYour.Town videos because you could never predict when they’d be available? You’ll love our 2019 schedule.

When do new videos come out?

Throughout 2019, you can rely on a new video to come out on the first of the month and stay available through the 15th. You can schedule watch parties for the First Friday or Second Tuesday or any combination like that, and know you’ll have a SaveYour.Town video to share.

What topics will you cover?

In January, you can get our Small Town Trends. It’s been 2 years, and we have some new trends to talk about. This is one of my favorites to prepare and bring to you.

In February, you can join us for Deb’s updated Marketing in a Small Town. You’ll want to bring together local business people to catch this one.

For the rest of the year, you’ll help pick the topics for SaveYour.Town to address. The Survey of Rural Challenges will be open for your input this spring. Your answers help keep us in touch with your needs and your dreams for your small towns.

How do we get the new videos?

A new SaveYour.Town video is available for purchase starting on the first day of the month. You’ll always find our current video featured on our home page, or you can follow this link SaveYour.Town/video. (During the 16th to the end of each month, there won’t be a video for sale, so we’ll direct you to our video library.)

There’s a specific reason we limit the time a video is available. If there was no deadline, you probably wouldn’t watch. If you’re like me, you’ve probably signed up for a video or downloaded an ebook, then never got around to opening it. That deadline gives you a reason to get watch parties scheduled and actually use the video you’ve paid for.

How can we watch other videos?

Sometimes you want more time with the newest video, or you want to add to your knowledge with an older video. For example, when you watch the Small Town Trends, you might want to also see our previous trends videos or a related one like The Future of Retail. That’s why we created our video membership that we call Megaphone Membership.

The SaveYour.Town video library has dozens of videos on real world small town topics. As a Megaphone Member, you get access to all the videos anytime on demand. No time limits as long as you remain a member. You get a lot more flexibility to address the specific challenges in your town. Learn more about Megaphone Membership here.