Creating an Arts Event on Short Notice Using the Idea Friendly Method

Art matters to a vibrant community. Who are your artists and how can you showcase them using the Idea Friendly Method?

Three of us were talking about how many local artists we had. I mean, amazing, world famous, first class artists. And the fact that very few locals know about their work.

BIG IDEA: Showcase local artists.
This conversation started because one of the artists, who now lives in Atlanta, let Kevin know she was coming home for a reunion. She would also be bringing artwork along.

Maureen is a local artist in town. I’m an art fan and volunteer at an arts-based nonprofit. Jo Ann is an artist in St. Paul, originally from Webster City.

Where could we have a gallery showing? Monica works for a new company in town that has a space they haven’t moved into yet and they want the publicity. I know the local newspaper editor, and radio station people. I’m fairly good at Facebook and creating easy graphics too.

Kevin called Monica; she loved the idea. Her business said yes!
Maureen called Tim, another local artist to see if he wants to take part.
I began making posters in Canva. And wrote a press release, with the info we have so far.
Jo Ann sent pictures of her and Maureen’s work.
Roxane sent pictures to me too.
Legacy Learning organization was asked if they had people who would volunteer to sit in the space while people visited. They said yes.

What we didn’t do:
Ask for permission.
Worry if we would fail.
Think it was a ridiculous idea and who would come?

What we did do:
Had fun.
Completed the work in 4 days.
Created a gallery showing of local artists.  

The Idea Friendly Method works.