The best way to ensure small startups succeed: put them together

Tiny business startups are our best bet for revitalizing rural areas, small towns and distressed economies. To help these small entrepreneurs to be more successful, put them into the same space.

This is a short sample from our SaveYour.Town video “Refilling Your Business Pipeline.”

A study about co-working actually explains why the Tiny Temporary Together model works so well at rebuilding your local economy. It has benefits far beyond the simple number of startups.

Emergent Research said that co-working spaces are much more than just a place to work, “they are places where members work, network, learn and socialize together.”

People who use co-working spaces told researchers that they were learning new skills, improving their professional success, and feeling happier and less lonely in their work. You can imagine how those positive results apply not just to co-working, but also to any shared space where entrepreneurs get together to work and Build Connections. It’s all part of the Idea Friendly Method.

“Refilling Your Business Pipeline” is a 32 minute video you can watch on your own or share with others in your community. You’ll learn how to cut time and money off the process of getting into business, how tiny businesses help manage the risk of failure, how temporary businesses provide reliable market research and how putting businesses together increases entrepreneurs’ skills, happiness and success.

This is not another tiresome webinar! It’s a short, to the point and idea-packed 32 minute video you can watch on your schedule: anytime, on demand for the next 30 days. It’s recorded so you can pause, stop, rewind or watch again immediately.

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