Webinar – Stories that Sell

How Rural People Market – Their Business, Their Town and Themselves

How small town people can make the most of each opportunity to connect

When Deb started helping other small towns, she noticed lots of people faced similar challenges.

They were doing great things, but no one else knew about it.

She wrote down, “Tell your story. Now, tell it again.” It was the first part of her Building Possibility platform. 

We all have challenges with telling our story well, whether that’s marketing our business or our town as a whole. 

In this lesson, Deb is sharing stories that have an impact. Becky brings in the logic: why stories work, and how to tell when you’ve got it right. 

On the Survey of Rural Challenges, two of the big challenges both relate to story: Missing out on tourism opportunities, and Marketing your small business isn’t working. Rural people like you told us these were both in their top 5 challenges in 2015 and 2017. 

We’ll share what a story really is, how to tell a good one, and why stories are like magic for building connections. 

You’ll learn 6 places to share your story to reach more people. And just in case you’re like all us rural people, you’ll learn more ways to tell your story without talking about yourself. Intrigued? Join us! 

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