Video – Big Ideas? Small Steps!

The best way to accomplish big ideas is by taking small steps

Why is it so hard to accomplish big ideas?

Beating your head against the wall asking for approvals?

Killing yourself trying to raise enough money?

Talking to everyone, seeing a lot of smiles and nods, but not getting any results?  

Working on big ideas can be a frustratingly slow process in small towns. 

You know all about the challenges of raising enough money, struggling to get government approvals, fighting for resources. But you have a big idea you really want to see happen! 

It’s tough to find enough people to support you. Some people sound supportive, but don’t do anything. Others are busy wasting their time on stupid things. Why don’t they get on board??

You’ve heard us say before to Take Small Steps, but you’re concerned that small steps don’t matter, it’s the big idea that matters. How will you ever accomplish the big dream when you’re wasting time on small things? 

“Take Small Steps” is a revolution

Scale down your big idea

Generate big change 

You’ll get 6 real world examples, ways that small towns have taken big ideas down to the small steps level to begin.

From building an arts scene to starting a microbrewery to rebuilding the downtown streetscape, you’ll find inspiration for your own big idea.   

You’ll also get the Idea Friendly foundation that gives purpose to small steps.

You won’t just be flailing around with random actions, but moving forward confidently, knowing you’re laying the groundwork for big progress.  

Becky shares the science behind small steps.

It’s not just a platitude or inspirational bull. Learn how applying the Fogg Behavioral Model and social capital turns any big idea into a real world action that involves more people, builds community and generates results. 

Deb lays out her method for finding the hidden questions.

The ones that turn any big idea into actionable, do-able steps right away. 

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