Video – Seeing the Small Town Future

What’s coming next for rural communities?

Do small towns have a future?

Not everyone sees a future for small towns.

We see it. 

We’ll show you what it looks like, in this video.

What? Another national pundit declaring rural has no future? Whatever!

Of course small towns have a future. We’re actually necessary to the future of society. We’ll give you two new reasons to add to your list. 

What about this old saw, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”? Outdated!  

Growth isn’t everything, and it’s not the only thing. You’ll get 4 alternative ways to measure your small town and how well you’re doing. Learn how quality of life, happiness and more give you a new way to look at your progress.  

Should we call a meeting a write a plan? Nope! 

You’re going to learn why the “Meet and Plan” era is over and what is replacing it. Then we’ll head into the future, and stretch our thinking with the Assistive Technology Era. 

Are you starting to see the small town future now? 

With this video, you’ll also think through the unique role of rural people in the future:

  • The future of work
  • Everything’s Big Split

Regain your #SmallTownCool

Small towns not only have a future, we are the future. We’ll share how rural places are testing grounds for future tech, and how small towns are the best places to connect with nature. 

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