Video – Shop Local is worn out

Learn what will replace it

Photo (CC) by Sheila Scarborough, with our promotional partner Tourism Currents

Shop Local has been done to death!

Learn sharp new messages

and targeting that works today

People aren’t shopping locally

No one notices “shop local” messages anymore

Merchants kind of feel entitled, not working to earn their business

Shop local has never been more challenging. The basic “shop local” message is worn out, but too many customers still shop elsewhere too much, and too many businesses have a long way to go on being up to date.

  • We’ve already taught people the facts of why everyone should shop local.
  • We’ve talked about how small local merchants are tied to our local prosperity.
  • We’ve tried to convince them that shopping local will make you feel good.
  • We have special days to shop small and campaigns to reward local shopping
  • We’ve created great slogans to stick in people’s minds. 

People have heard it all, many times over! But it doesn’t seem like they’re listening. Sometimes people are outright hostile to standard “shop local” messages, resenting the idea that they owe something to local merchants just because they’re local.  

What works now

In business terms, the market has matured. 

Sharing the facts is not enough in a mature market to change people’s behavior. Now we have to do the harder work of differentiated marketing to different groups of people. We have to do more specialized events and messages, addressing both our customers and our merchants more personally, and recognizing their individual motivations.

We’re going to help you do that.

We’ll talk about both customers and business people and what motivates them. We’ll be using our own Idea Friendly Method and the Fogg Behavioral Model to help you actually move people to take the actions you want.

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