Want to fill those big spaces? Divide them up into shared spaces

Giant building sitting empty?

Divide it up!

9 models that work

25 real-world examples

Here’s an old department store divided up for lots of local mini-merchants

Empty buildings too expensive to renovate and use?

Too many barriers holding people back from starting a business?

Big industrial buildings just sitting vacant, year after year?

Big empty buildings are a roadblock for developing your small town  

You see those empty buildings in your town. Renovating even one building is a huge challenge, so it doesn’t happen very often. 

At the same time, your see people who would be great at running a business, but they just can’t scrounge enough resources to buy and re-do a building before they even start the business. 

While you’re still thinking about that, someone tells you how they don’t bother going downtown because there are so few businesses open. 

This is the only thing we recommend to every small town

Divide those empty buildings

Break down barriers to entry by dividing buildings and sharing spaces

Sounds easy, but how does it work? You get 25 real-world examples

Far beyond retail: industrial, arts, kitchens, more

You get 9 models to help you divide and fill buildings all over town

Learn from other people’s mistakes

That way you don’t have to make them. For each mistake, we share an example that succeeded and the lesson that makes the difference.

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