SaveYour.Town’s Year-long commitment to you: Building Fair and Unified Communities

Our 2022 focus for you is fairness.

Throughout last year, we helped you build community and unify diverse groups in your small town. You can read more about why and how we focused on community in 2021: Building community despite divisions.

We still feel that bringing people from your community together across divides is the best thing you can do to rebuild the fabric of your community. And we want to build on that in 2022.

We’re keeping our focus on building unified communities, and taking it a step further with fairness.

It’s only fair that we open possibilities up to a wider range of people in our small towns and rural communities.

We all want a fair chance.

We can’t fix all the unfairness in the world. We can start by building more fairness into what we already do. We do that by opening opportunities to a wider range of people.

We build fairness by not judging people by where they are now or where they have been. Everyone has gifts to share, they contribute to our society.

Fairness spreads. When you open opportunities to more people, they can turn around and spread opportunities to others.

Possibilities aren’t always opportunities

Deb and I talked about the difference in offering people possibilities versus offering people opportunities. Something can be technically possible, even though it’s not a good opportunity. There might be barriers in our way, like timing, money, resources, connections or skills. The possibilities exist even when people are are waiting for the right opportunity to pursue them.

You make possibilities more fair by removing some obstacles so it’s the right opportunity for more people.

Not everyone can seize the same opportunity. Offer a wider range of opportunities and more people can seize more of them. That’s fair.

How we’ll help you: our topics for 2022

We’ll be covering essential community building and fairness building topics like these in our upcoming videos: 

  • Youth Entrepreneurship: opening opportunities to young people
  • The Arts Create Our Future: bringing people together and creating community
  • Natural Resources Opportunities: turning possibilities into opportunities with what’s around us
  • Idea Friendly Officials and Boards: removing official barriers to opportunities

One other frequently requested topic we’re planning to take on is workforce. It’s tough to find enough good people in small towns.

We don’t plan the whole year in advance. We respond to what you need.

When everything changed in 2020, we were able to immediately bring you resilience and recovery videos because we stay flexible. You’ll continue to share your challenges with us, and we’ll adapt to your needs throughout the year.

Ready to start building fairness and building community? Start with our video Building a Unified Community. We’re keeping it available as the foundation throughout the year. 

What this means for you, your community and the world

The small towns that thrive into the future will be the ones that are open to new ideas. The power to act is in the hands of all the people now, including you. 

Throughout this year and always, we teach you the method that unleashes the power of everyday people like you to take action. Little by little, the actions rewrite people’s programming and values in positive ways. And that is how we are going to do our small part to rebuild the fabric of our communities and countries together. 

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