Video – Survey of Rural Challenges Action Steps

The Three Biggest Rural Challenges and How to Take Action on Them

The best of our solutions from 2019 in a shareable package

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Over 600 people answered the Survey of Rural Challenges 

It all comes down to three themes: 

  • Trouble getting things going and keeping them going
  • Trouble keeping up with the rapidly changing business environment
  • Other people don’t do what you want them to

Sound familiar? 

You get the best solutions from SaveYour.Town 

It’s the best of our 2019 videos, and it’s short enough to share with anyone in your community: just under 20 minutes. 

You’re going to learn practical steps you can put into action right away to address the most common challenges in small towns.

  • Learn how to plan less and accomplish more. You’ll learn our secret for Events People Will Attend and how to apply it to any project. 
  • Learn how to get your local businesses to do what they need to keep up. See how you can do less telling and more enticing. 
  • Learn how to cope with people who don’t do what you really want them. Hear how one town learned that consensus emerges from action and how that ties it all together. 

If you’re tired of constantly struggling to get anything done in your town, you’re going to want to join us for this video. 

Who is this video for? 

Chambers, tribes, government officials, agencies, any people who are charged with supporting small towns and rural communities

Regular people who care about their town and want to make it a better place, especially if you’ve ever faced opposition or struggled to make headway 

Anyone who filled out the Survey of Rural Challenges and wants to hear what we learned as well as what practical steps to take next

Video available to the public
through December 31
, 2019

Get the 3-Video Bundle

1. Creating Events That People Will Attend
2. Cooperation Creates More Customers: Getting Local Businesses to Work Together
3. If Our Town

This Survey Action video gives you a quick intro to three actionable ideas, now go more in depth. These three additional videos are each only 30 minutes and designed to be shared. You’ll understand exactly what steps to take to put these ideas into practice right away. 

If you’d like to watch these SaveYour.Town videos as well, you can get all 3 as a special bundle. You get all 3 extra videos for just $5–a $20 discount off our regular member price.  

About this video

You’ll get a video that lasts about 20 minutes to watch anytime while it’s available. That way you have time to watch, think of questions, and share with others in your town. You can send your questions to us by email, and we’ll answer you personally.

Why not have a watch party? Invite a few friends to view the video, and learn some small steps you can use right away. 

Video available to members only


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