Video – Against the rules

What can you do when they say your idea is against the rules?

8 Tactics to get it done anyway

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You have a great idea, important project or just something you want to get done

But “they” say it’s against the rules

We’re going to help you get it done anyway 

What is it with the rule-enforcers??

OK, yeah, we need some rules, but…

  • Some of those rules are just way out of date and don’t make sense anymore
  • Some people use rules as an excuse when really they just oppose a new idea
  • Sometimes you have to break a rule to do something good for the community

The rules are not our goal.

A better community is our goal 

You’re going to learn 8+ practical ways to get your idea done no matter what the “rule enthusiasts” say.

  • Learn the real reason we have rules, and what that means about changing them
  • Learn the subtle art of breaking rules without incurring the wrath of the rule-enthusiasts
  • Find out why “Pay the fine and do it anyway” is one of our most popular proverbs 

Hear how real people* in real towns have used these tactics.

*We’ll even tell stories on ourselves

If you’re tired of constantly butting heads with the rules and those certain rabid rule enforcers, you’re going to want to join us for this video. 

Who is this video for? 

People like you with ideas that get shot down by councils, planners, rule makers and people who think they run the world

Councils, planners and rule makers like you who want to be more open to new ideas, but need a way to get there

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through January 15
, 2020

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1. Against the Rules
2. Idea Friendly for Officials and Boards
3. Negativity and Opposition 

This video gets you started with tactics to get things done. Follow up with a deeper dive for officials and boards to be more open to new ideas. Then learn more about coping with negativity and opposition and how to understand the different kinds of opposition. 

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Video available to members only


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