Restarting Local Shopping – How one town is preparing now

Jack in Georgetown, South Carolina, USA, shared what they are doing to renew, refresh and recover during and after the lockdown of coronavirus/COVID-19. Deb Brown shares all five ideas:

  1. Pressure wash everything downtown
  2. Adopt a planter box
  3. Photo banners in empty buildings
  4. Wall murals
  5. Outdoor market with existing businesses

They are Taking Small Steps with each little action, Gathering Their Crowd to find as many people as possible who can help, and Building Connections to people who have the resources they need. That’s Idea Friendly!

Get more ideas from this Restarting Local Shopping video

Every town will face challenges when restarting local shopping. SaveYour.Town created a 25 minute video featuring Deb and Becky to help you with practical steps you can put into action starting now. It’s called Restarting Local Shopping

This video will help businesses, groups and organizations:

  • Refine your messages to overcome the unique customer mindset challenges during and throughout the shutdown and slow re-openings. 
  • Learn the right ways to promote shopping when we know many people are in bad financial shape. 
  • Learn ways to tap people’s willingness to help the community. 

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