Rebuilding Your Local Economy

How do we rebuild our local economy?

This crisis is different for each community. So many jobs lost, so many businesses gone or in bad shape.

Most of the reopening and rebuilding advice out there is intended for big cities. It doesn’t match our small town reality. What works for rural communities trying to rebuild?

Everyone else is competing for the same limited resources. 

  • How do we compete? 
  • What if we can’t compete?

New programs are complicated to access without help

  • And they may not be enough to save businesses already in trouble

Tighter government and nonprofit budgets mean resources we used to turn to for help, like the state or small business support agencies, are overwhelmed and less available to us. It feels like we’re on our own. Again. 

Our local economies are vulnerable: 

  • We don’t know the future or how many waves of shocks local economies may face. 
  • We can’t predict what the next problem or disaster will be, but we know there will be one. 

Get answers specifically for small local economies

More resilient, more mobile, more open

SaveYour.Town co-founders Deb Brown and Becky McCray apply the Idea Friendly Method to make sense of today’s turmoil. They put their best advice into this 24 minute video that will help you to: 

  • Rebuild a more resilient, Idea Friendly local economy 

You’ll learn how being Idea Friendly makes your local economy more resilient

  • How you can support lots of people participating in business, not just a fortunate few 
  • How you can grow an interconnected ecosystem, better able to resist shocks
  • How you can shift to supporting lots of small tests, rather than making a few big bets 

You’ll get a 24 minute video you can watch on your own or share with others in your community.

Not just another webinar: 

  • Short, to the point and idea-packed 24 minutes
  • Watch on your schedule: anytime, on demand for the next 30 days
  • Recorded so you can pause, stop, rewind or watch again immediately

This video will help you avoid: 

  • Struggling to scale down the big city advice 
  • Wasting effort trying to compete with everyone else 
  • Remaining vulnerable to every future crisis