People don’t shop local, and businesses won’t work together

There are two common problems in small towns, and we think they are related:

  • Our people shop online or in the city when they could buy the same or better things from local stores.
  • And then when we try to get local businesses to work together to keep people shopping local, we can’t get them to cooperate!

Today, we want to address these two related problems with a video focusing on cooperation. If we could get businesses to work together to get the word out, we could create a lot more sales opportunities and bring the locals home to shop.

How do we get businesses to cooperate?

We could yell at them, we could lecture them with all the things they should do, we could demand their participation or we could just talk bad about them behind their backs. In fact, I’m sure we’ve tried all those things!

In this video, we have a big insight for you, one that will change how you approach everyone you want to work with:

Cooperation doesn’t come from telling people what they should do. Cooperation comes from enticing people.

In this SaveYour.Town video, you’ll learn of 9 different ideas that build cooperation without pointing fingers.

  • Two ideas are perfect for one person to start on their own
  • One is perfect for enticing the most reluctant business owners
  • Two ideas turn boring social media training on its head
  • One is the ultimate refresh of “shop local”
  • Two are no-pressure ways to build cooperation without asking a lot

Ready to learn more? Check out Cooperation Creates More Customers here.