Video: Before your write your next plan

5 Alternatives to “Old Way” Planning

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We keep writing plans the same way, but nothing changes

Tired of the same ten people, writing the same old plan?

What if Old Way planning isn’t actually working anymore? 

Look at all the Old Way plans on your shelves

Shelves full of number binders
  • Pull one plan out at random 
  • Was that a great plan? Yes? No? 
  • How much of it actually got done? All? Most? More than likely, it wasn’t much
  • And all those people we asked for input feel betrayed that we let them down again and again   

The only parts of plans that actually happen are the bits one person was passionate enough about to make sure it happened.

But we still have to plan

  • We have to get ready for the future somehow
  • Lots of programs require us to submit written plans  

What if we could get the benefits of planning,

without the cumbersome formal planning process? 

You’re going to learn 5 practical ways to meet the future better prepared without the wasted effort and betrayal.

  • You’ll think through the real reason you plan 
  • You’ll pick from five alternatives that create a better future
  • You’ll hear how the pilot can be the plan, saving time and effort
  • You’ll learn to plan for a whole year, getting everyone on the same page across department lines, with just a few sheets of plain paper 

Hear how real people in real towns have used these tactics and how we’ve used them ourselves.

If you’re tired of the same old SWOT analysis, the usual contentious or nonexistent public engagement, and yet another binder to add to the shelf never to be opened again, you’re ready to go Idea Friendly. 

Who is this video for? 

People like you, tired of writing yet another plan 

Councils, planners and officials tired of going through the motions to write the same plan over and over, always getting the same results

Idea people like you who have to write a plan to meet someone else’s requirements  

Video available to members only

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This video gets you started with alternatives to stodgy formal plans. Follow up with a deeper dive for officials and boards to turn old school planning into Idea Friendly change. Then apply your new skills to co-create events that actually draw people in. 

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