Idea Friendly Stepping Out

It’s so easy to become entrenched in our day to day activities.

We get up, go into our morning routine, go to work, come home and then our evening routine. How many times a week do you drive to work and wonder what you saw on the way there? Were there stop lights, empty buildings, holiday decorations, or kids waiting on the school bus?

It’s this same sameness day in and day out that holds us captive to the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

We start to believe we don’t really matter that much, that our ideas just might be too crazy, that people like this boring lifestyle.We’ve been beat down, held captive by the way things always are or have been. Nobody wants to make major changes to be ready for the future, and they sure don’t want to change for the better. We’re indoctrinated early on to listen to your elders, do what you’re told and don’t get out of line.

All those grownup things we learn to do: meetings, more meetings, someone must be in charge, there is no room for failure, don’t step out of line, don’t dare to have an original thought. Just. Do. What. You’re. Told.

We know how you feel, we’ve both felt like this. And now there’s another way to feel.

There is another way to participate in your town, in your success, in your future. There’s a lot of people just waiting for you, for someone to step out. To present a new idea, to believe the future is now and it’s ours to claim.

Start with your big idea.

Do you want to invite bicyclists to tour your unfinished path? (It’s unfinished because the powers that be can’t seem to agree on what should be the one and only way to build it.)

Go find your crowd.

Who bikes with you? Who is involved in a bike club? Who wants to bike more? Gather them together. Don’t ask for permission. Just ask people to join you for a coffee or a beer. Start talking in public what you’d like to do. Listen to what your crowd is saying and remember – there’s no wrong idea. Try all the ideas out.

Next start asking, ‘who do you know?’

You need marketing, who can help post things on Facebook? Who knows how to write a press release? Who knows the tourism people?

What small steps can you take to get started?

Your big idea is going to go on a ride in your community on an unfinished trail. And you’re inviting people to join you. Look at your pilgrim, bucking convention! Hey – what if you and your buddy ride that trail. Take some pics. Post them publicly. Tell people you have a trail that’s perfect for mountain bikers! Then take another small step. Invite more people ride with you! Ask the newspaper to join you. And keep taking small steps, and you’ll find that you will make it to your big idea. One small step at a time.

Let that ride to work be filled with dreams of who you can invite to ride with you. Let your lunchtime be spent looking at the next bike you want to buy and sharing your thoughts with a friend. Get your family involved after supper, see what the kids want to do on your big idea.

Be excited! And for God’s sake, don’t listen to the committee of negativity. Their main job is to deflate your tires. They were never your helpers to begin with. Look for the people who think like you.

Go do things with people who want to do things.

Gather Your Crowd

Build Connections

Take Small Steps

This is how you build an Idea Friendly Community, and create the kind of town you want to live in.