Get more personal support with coaching

Is there something you’d like to explore further with one of us in private coaching? We can do that together. Deb Brown is our expert coach.

Coaching doesn’t have to be a big hairy deal. We can work through a particular challenge in your community. Or it could be a series of questions you want answers to. Want to bring along someone else for it? No problem. No additional charge for that either. If you want to receive longer term coaching, let’s visit about it.

Tell us about what you need, and Deb will give you a call.

It’s that simple. Wherever you are in the process, we’re open to discuss the possibilities.

Need more information? Here’s where to look

Deb Brown is our primary coach

What can Deb do for you?

Deb’s specialties include filling empty buildings, chambers of commerce, the arts, brainstorming new possibilities and overcoming negativity.

“Deb’s common sense approach and willingness to ask the hard questions has made a big impact on me. I’d recommend her as a coach to any small town person who wants to see positive growth in their community.”

Brook Boehmler

former Mayor Of Hampton, Iowa and now SBDC Director in Iowa