Video – Events They’ll Attend

Co-creating events people WILL attend

Why do people say there’s nothing to do here, then they won’t attend the events we work so hard to put on?!

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All that work to create perfect events, and no one comes!

Then people complain it was boring, or not convenient, or didn’t sound like something they wanted to do.

It’s so frustrating! 

Deb Brown speaking to a group, turns her hands palm up, as if to say "who knows?"

I remember this clearly from my years as a chamber of commerce director!

You have all these events to plan and you want a lot of people to attend them. Your core people are your only help and, boy are they tired! The STP – same ten people – seem to be the only ones doing anything. No one else does anything. Even most of your board is busy with their own jobs, and they don’t help much.
And then no one shows up for the perfect event you’ve worked so hard to plan! GRRR!

Add to that, you’re under pressure to do more than “just events.” It’s still the STP who are you only help, and they are still tired, maybe even more so. No one else helps, and very few people show up or participate.

Does all of this sound familiar? THIS WAS ME!

Eventually, I figured it out, a fundamental change. 

I quit finishing events!

I started leaving events unfinished. I only planned them halfway or even less!

And it worked better!

Don’t fully plan the event.

Half plan it and make it better than if you planned it all out.

In this video, I’m sharing how the Same Ten People and I multiplied ourselves by leaving room for everyone to create the events along with us.

I’ll tell you about the time Mike walked into my office and said, “We need more live music in this town.” He thought the Chamber should plan it! I’ll share my answer that turned him into his own music organizer, and how he and friends put on a summer’s worth of music in the park, with only a little help from us. 

But don’t we still need to be in charge? Don’t we need to be the ones to “drive the bus”? 

I’ll share with you how we put on an event for thousands of people, even though we were still just the Same Ten People. This was a pretty scary thing for me to do – hand over some of the organizing to many people. For a control freak like me, I wasn’t sure anyone else could make this a success! I’m going to share what I learned that helped me. 

  • I’ll share the secret of creating the right context and just how much of a guideline you have to give people so they can succeed.
  • I’m also sharing how to get people over the hurdle of still expecting you to do it all for them! 

If you’re tired of doing it all for smaller and smaller returns, you’re going to want to join us for this video. 

Who is this video for? 

People who are tired of having to do all the planning

People who keep holding events but no one is coming

Chamber directors, non profit folks who plan events like Extension people, fair people, and more

People who know their events aren’t working but they aren’t sure why

YOU keep planning and trying something else, but it’s still all up to YOU

Video available to members only