Video – Making Entrepreneurship Self-Sustaining

Because every community needs more entrepreneurs

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You put a lot into supporting startups and entrepreneurs

No matter how many people you train, no matter how many actually try a business, only a handful seem to succeed

Audience members stare at laptops during a lecture

Traditional entrepreneur training isn’t a great fit for small towns

Long, multi-week entrepreneur training classes mean people drop out early

Short one-time training workshops mean no one attends

Government training workshops like tax commission going-into-business things where all they talk about is complying with a bunch of rules mean people don’t actually learn anything about HOW to run a business

Experts hate to make the drive out to small towns, and they demand inconvenient hours for trainings, and that means no one signs up

Experts who are too academic and trainings that focus on impractical stuff like formal business plans or tax compliance mean people drop out and don’t finish

You need a way to get entrepreneurs to help each other

A way to make entrepreneurship self-sustaining 

There is a new Idea Friendly way to support entrepreneurship.

You can tap the entrepreneur community. You don’t have to do it all alone.

Those long classes address critical business skills, but how much will people remember when they actually need it months or years later? We need an Idea Friendly way to get entrepreneurs answers to their burning questions right away.

Focusing on rules and regulations first pushes people away. We need to support people-first learning in informal settings.

Long formal courses work great for some people who like classrooms. What about everyone else? 

You’re going to learn practical steps you can put into action right away to change the way you approach supporting and training entrepreneurs.

  • Learn how to find the entrepreneurs who will support your startups. You’ll learn what’s in it for your seasoned entrepreneurs that will get them to help others. 
  • You’ll get a model that’s easy, flexible, and fits into any existing program requirements. In fact, it’s a great add-on to any entrepreneur training, adding real world value.
  • Learn how this fits with respected models of adult learning without getting bogged down in formal lessons plans and pedagogy.
  • Why you need to stop discouraging potential entrepreneurs – even when their business idea isn’t that great.  

If you’re tired of continually training and supporting startups that don’t last, you’re going to want to join us for this video. 

Who is this video for? 

Chambers, tribes, economic development pros, city officials, agencies, libraries, any people who are charged with supporting entrepreneurship

Organizations who already do some kind of entrepreneur training or support but are struggling to get it to work

Video available to members only