Webinar – Embedded Community Experience

Not your father’s downtown walk-through

We see your town differently

See your town with fresh eyes

and get started improving it right away

Join us for a virtual Embedded Community Experience (ECE). Y

We’ll show you how we make the most of our visit to small towns with an Embedded Community Experience.

When we walk through a downtown, we point out potential and help people see the specific steps they can take to make meaningful change.

In this virtual tour, we’ll share what we’ve seen in lots of small towns from all over. You’ll see pictures of spots with potential and places that will inspire you. You’ll hear the stories of small steps that you can take right away to shape a better future for your small town. 

Our walk throughs are not about gathering ideas or building consensus. It’s about unleashing people to take action.

We won’t help you create a master plan that then goes back on a shelf to be dusted off 5 years later and rewritten.  We want everyone in the community who wants to participate to be valued and welcomed.  

It’s not about the specific photos we’ll show or the particular stories we’ll tell. It’s about learning how to unleash your people to take action. 

You’ll hear about:

  • ideas you can put into practice right away
  • positives and attitudes you’ll want to use
  • stories of other small towns that have brought us in and
  • what to look for so everyone can take meaningful steps to a brighter future for your town

Video available to members only