Video – Cooperation Creates More Customers

Getting Local Businesses to Work Together

Why won’t our businesses work together?

You’ll reach a lot more customers when businesses cooperate to get the word out.

Small towns face two interrelated problems:

No one shops in town

Businesses struggle with marketing, especially online

Social marketing can be intimidating and time consuming for busy business owners. At the same time, customers are saying they didn’t shop locally because they didn’t even know it was available locally. 

Then when a group tries to get businesses to cooperate on a shop local campaign or a joint promotion, suddenly people act all competitive and jealous. They won’t cross-sell each other and won’t pool resources. 

9 ways to reach more customers together

You’ll get 9 different practical ideas, ones that small towns have used successfully. These ideas don’t require a formal organization or dozens of participants to work. You’ll start with ideas even one person can kick off, and build with ideas that grow participation as you gain momentum. 

Secret sidewalk chalk campaigns 

Business fairs that actually work

Social events that benefit locals and businesses

How toilet paper can revitalize ‘shop local’

You’ll also get the foundation, the method to build cooperation you can use over and over on any project or idea. 

Chambers of Commerce, business associations, business improvement groups of all kinds will discover a new mindset that turns cooperation into an easy “yes!”  

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Thanks to Jason Duff for the wayfinding sign photo, Bellafontaine, Ohio!