Video – Change the Conversation

Changing the Conversation to Change the Future

Using the Tour of Empty Buildings as a Case Study

Use your project to turn around people’s attitudes

Deb Brown did it with her Tour of Empty Buildings

Learn why it worked, re-usable principles that work on any event, any project 

The Tour of Empty Buildings organized by Deb Brown

Sometimes, your town needs an attitude adjustment!

You have a new project or big idea, but people keep talking about the past instead!

Learn how Deb Brown dealt with this, and how you can, too!

When Deb started as chamber of commerce director in Webster City, Iowa, she counted 14 empty buildings. Her executive board challenged her:

“What are YOU going to do about this?”

What Deb came up with was brilliant

Her Tour of Empty Buildings idea turned the question from what she was going to do about this, to what everyone was going to do about this together. 

You want to do the same thing: change the conversation from what YOU can do ALONE to what ALL OF YOU can do TOGETHER.

Learn Deb’s Idea Friendly secrets you can apply to any project

You don’t have to do a Tour of Empty Buildings. Your own idea can catalyze the town, no matter what that project is. You’re already doing great things! It’s just a matter of using the Idea Friendly principles that can turn your existing idea into a conversation-changer. 

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