Building Possibility newsletter archive

Being filmed by a crew telling our story.
Being filmed by a crew telling our story.

It’s called Building Possibility for a reason.

I believe we can build the kind of communities we want to live, work and play in.  Anything is possible!  I write about the towns that are doing it, about how you can do it and tools you can use.

There are six principles that encompass Building Possibility.  They are:

Open Your Eyes

Tell Your Story, and Tell It Again 

Fail Big 

Partner Up 

Everyone Can Be A Hero 

Do the Work 

There are many economic development books available that will tell you exactly how to build a community.  Cut and dried stuff, requiring lots of red tape, authority sign off and years and years of planning.  That’s not what we do.  We get into the midst of things, get our hands dirty and make things happen.  As you read the archives (and I hope you do!) you’ll be able to pinpoint one of the principles above in just about every article.

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