Webinar – Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Are your people too closed to new ideas?

There is a way to make your town more idea friendly.

We’re going to share it.

Bringing Big Ideas to Life

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What will this webinar workshop cover? 

Too often, pessimists shoot down your ideas. If you hear “We tried that once” or “That’s not how we do things here” one more time, you’ll scream. But you have great ideas, a vision of what your town could be. How do you start making things happen? Learn the practical steps you can take to change attitudes, draw a crowd of supporters, improve the environment and create more connections, no matter what the pessimists say or do.

If you’ve been struggling with getting your ideas to happen, then together we’ll work through the process to make your town more Idea Friendly. We’ll show you how to Gather Your Crowd, Make Connections and Take Small Steps. It all adds up to creating the kind of town you want to live in.

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How long will it run? How long do I need to schedule for a replay?

We wrap up the presentation within one hour. And we take questions by email after the live event during the two weeks the replay is available.

You can bring friends:

Once you’re registered, you can schedule more than one viewing during the two week window so you reach as many people as possible.

We allow you to watch the live event, and also to invite friends, and to hold replays in your town, as long as you’re personally present each time. You have two weeks to make the most of your replay.

Who should you invite?

  • Downtown associations, Main Streets, Chambers
  • Economic development folks
  • Elected officials, cities, towns, municipalities
  • The boys at the coffee shops
  • Those who want to revitalize their downtowns
  • People who own vacant buildings
  • Visionaries like yourself

What are your webinar workshops like? Will there be slides?   

Our webinars are actually workshops with streaming video. You see our faces. We connect with you personally. We give you a downloadable handout instead of boring slides, and we focus on real-world examples, not statistics. Your downloadable handout will have photos, more info and links for all the examples.

What people who’ve been to Becky and Deb’s previous webinar workshops have to say:

“Lots of great ideas for small rural towns and small business owners who just want to try something out or expand their businesses. It’s so much about building a community and telling the stories about what works. Great presenters as well, who are obviously passionate and genuine about what they do, and embody economic development in their everyday work.”

Kathleen Code, British Columbia, Canada

“Your webinars are just so precious. Increase them. Do them repetitively. I wish I could fill an auditorium with our local chamber of commerce leaders and boards to hear you both.”

Jim Blankenship, Tennessee

“This webinar stimulated lots of note-taking and conversation between the business owners gathered at my house. Deb and Becky gave us some new ideas and several excellent examples of known models. I think some of us are thinking of pivoting our summer’s plans after participating in Wednesday’s event. Thanks for a well-thought out presentation!”

Jonya, Oronoco, Minnesota, RochesterFiber.com

“I watched the webinar video last night. It was great. I think you and Deb make good team. Nice banter, good pacing, and lots of useful information. Excellent!”

Cindy Kelly, Kansas

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Oklahoma Main Street

Oklahoma Main Street Communities can earn Quality Assurance Points by participating.


Texas Downtown Association


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What’s with the colors? 

Most programs are stiff and structured. Do this, do that, follow these steps in order. All the same for every town, every where, every size.

Idea Friendly isn’t a formula like that. It’s more like water colors. Let the colors blend together. No matter what you’re planning, there’s a way to color it up with Idea Friendly. You can add some elements to Gather Your Crowd. You can deliberately help people Make Connections. You can cut down barriers to entry so more people can join and Take Small Steps. Let it all blend together.

The result isn’t like any prescribed formula you’ve ever tried to fit into. The result is more people, more tries, more failures, more life, more activity. More colors.