Big Ideas? Small Steps!

You have a big idea to make your town a better place and you’re getting tired of all the hard work to do such a big thing.

  • Tired of beating your head against city council asking for approvals
  • Killing yourself trying to raise enough money to do the whole thing
  • Talking to everyone and they all like the idea but no one is taking action

But there is another way. In small towns especially, big ideas are best accomplished by taking small steps.

At SaveYour.Town, we developed the Idea Friendly method for small towns to do big things. There are just 3 parts. You will Gather Your Crowd around your big idea, create a powerful network by Building Connections and then Take Small Steps to achieve the big idea.

What does this look like? 

If your big idea was to see someone open an ice cream shop in town, then why not set up a cooler and a table on an empty lot and give away a few ice cream bars on a warm afternoon? Hand people notes telling them about your big idea. Talk to everyone while you’re out there. Maybe even have some chairs for people to sit on and eat their ice cream, and talk about this big idea. You’d be Taking a Small Step of doing a tiny temporary pop up version of the big idea, Gathering Your Crowd by being conspicuous doing it in public, and Building Connections as people started talking to you and each other about the big idea. This is the Idea Friendly process!

Learn more, in Big Ideas? Small Steps!

Deb Brown and Becky McCray share stories like these, secret questions to make the process easier, and the science underlying the Take Small Steps advice. Learn more and register for the SaveYour.Town video Big Ideas? Small Steps!