Webinar – The Arts and Rural – More than Just Murals

How the arts can help you shape an Idea Friendly town

  • Do all murals have to be historical subjects?
  • Does art really help with economic development?
  • Why are artists always bringing up controversial issues?
  • What is the role of the arts in preserving our past, addressing our present and shaping our future?

We’ll talk about these and other questions around art in small towns.

Does your town have a future mural? Colfax, Washington, has a retro futuristic mural of robots in the local landscape! Photo by Sarah McKnight

Join us as we take a look at the arts as a means of sharing our cultural stories and preserving our history, addressing our present and looking to create the kind of future we want.  All within the Idea Friendly format of Gather Your Crowd, Build Connections and Take Small Steps! 

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