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Hope for small towns

Small towns and rural communities: get practical steps you can put into action right away to shape a better future and Save Your Town

We believe small towns can be saved by their own people using their own resources.

We’re Becky McCray from Oklahoma and Deb Brown from Mississippi. You’re in the right place to get practical steps you can put into action right away to shape a better future for your community.  

We specialize in low or no cost solutions, ones that will work in even the tiniest of towns.

Discover our Tour of Empty Buildings, Empty Lot Economic Development and Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas, through our short videos, audios, longer courses and detailed toolkits. 

For in person learning, co-founders Deb Brown and Becky McCray deliver keynotes, workshops, and in-depth Idea Friendly Action Visits.

 Photos of Dell Gines, Deb Brown and Becky McCray

Rural Collaboration Webinar

More bridges, fewer silos

Mar 27 at 11:00 AM CDT

Join Dell Gines from IEDC International Economic Development Council, and Becky McCray and Deb Brown from SaveYour.Town for a no-charge webinar to help you develop robust networks for targeted purposes.

Our 2024 focus:

Helping You Along the Way

4 times when it’s time to call us

Helping you along the way:

Intensive Action Package

Invest six months to work with us in person and online to generate lasting change in your community. 

2023 Survey results are out!

Read the latest survey results and the surprising conclusions

2023 Survey of Rural Challenges

We believe small towns can be saved by their own people using their own resources.

Save Your dot Town co-founders Deb Brown and Becky McCray smile at you from an old bridge in a rural setting.

We picked the name SaveYour.Town because that is what you are going to do, save your town. No one is coming to do it for you.

No factory or big business is going to save you. No outside expert has the one right answer. It’s you.

You are going to shift a few key behaviors away from bureaucracy and officials and toward the people. You’ll let go of old formal rules and organizations in order to empower everyone to play a small but meaningful role. You’ll focus more on tiny experiments by lots of people rather than a few big bets made by only a handful of official leaders. You’ll welcome all ideas, from all the people in your town. 

That’s who’s coming to save your town: all of you.

Together, we’re teaching you specific ways to make your small town a better place. We’re creating the videos, courses and toolkits that help you learn, grow and take action.

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