17 Tips from economic developers for supporting more small business startups

What’s your tip for supporting more tiny business startups?

I asked that question in my presentation for Mid-America EDC‘s Competitiveness Conference.

Here are 17 tips people shared:

1. Social Media posts that encourage patrons.
2. Provide education and information free of charge
3. Support them – buy from them and promote them!
4. Technical assistance to secure resources and capital necessary.
5. Keep it simple at first.
6. Use all the resources available free out there.
7. Review city ordinances to see if they would make it difficult, and if so, advocate for change
8. make space available, connect then to resources.
9. Connect them to the SBDC.
10. give them the needed suite of services marketing, accounting & sales
11. Develop series of events inviting entrepreneurs and investors to discuss topics and intermingle.
12. creating more housing in close proximity (walking) to the business core
13. making warm introductions.
14. you have to have the ability to give them resources – time, strategic counseling, RLF, grants, etc
15. Connecting to resources including start up funding
16. Shopping locally with them
17. Listen to what they need.

What tips would you add?